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Song: Tau Ceti

Artist: ALPHA CENTAURI and The Ocarinas


Our local cosmic neighborhood, known as the Virgo Supercluster, is a mass concentration of galaxies containing at least 100 galaxy groups and clusters within its 110 million light-years diameter. Beyond the confines of this part of the observable universe, a powerful sorority inhabits planet TETA; an exoplanet that orbits a star a bit older than the sun.
A Matriarchal civilization, ruled by women living in an Anarcho-primitive-society, resides on this celestial body. These women connect with the cosmos through sound. Each woman is a rooted woman. There is no superordination, or subordination. Sociability in this planet is the recognition of the particularity of the other as a way of self-assertion - as a deserving, feeling, thinking, and active individual.

There is, against all biological prognosis, a sisterhood beyond The Virgo Supercluster.