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Manuela Illera,


Bogotá, Colombia

Lives and works in Munich Germany

Manuela Illera is a Colombian interdisciplinary artist mostly involved with time-based media and constellations related to the performing arts. Her feminist political practice, enunciated from the site of migration, situates her in the search for radical communications on decoloniality, the body and subversive identities. Her music, films and group collaborations in various disciplines examine the role of whiteness, capitalism and patriarchal social conformity in culture.

2023 Diploma (MA Equivalent) in Time based Media from the ADBK Munich with Prof. Julian Rosefeldt.

Meisterschülerin from Prof. Jorinde Voigt.

2012 Visual Arts at Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia

2010 Painting at Carlos Rojas, UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Co-director of the decolonial music festival La Retornona (Bogotá).

Co-founder of Cosmica Bandida band

Director of the feminist podcast Extravagant Mortals.

Video producer for digital communication at Haus der Kunst.

2023 The other side of the Moon, Buchheim Museum, group show, performance

2023 La Retornora, art direction, Music Festival, Bogotá, Colombia

2023 Sentimental Disobedience, Historische Aula AdBK Solo Show



2022 COSMICA BANDIDA at SuperBOOKS Haus der Kunst, Munich


​2022 COSMICA BANDIDA at Kunstarkaden


2022 CORPS MATRIARCHAL, public space Munich with Burschenschaft Molestia and Sonqo Ruro

2022 AKKURAT Festival, COSMICA BANDIDA at Import Export, Munich

2022 LA BANDIDA Vs LA ÁCIDA, COSMICA BANDIDA, Solo show, AkademieGalerie

2022 COSMICA BANDIDA Live at SVS Collisions Muffat Cafe

2022 Site Visit, Interweave - Radio 80k, Museum Brandhorst, Munich Germany
2022 Goethe Institute Paris, Lassitude, Paris, France

2022 ANTIKRIST, Ersan Mondtag, artistic collaborator Deutsche Oper, Berlin Germany


2021 Super Books, Haus Der Kunst with AKASCOPE and Banfora records, Munich Germany
2021 Zimmer Frei, Hotel Mariandl, sound installation, performance, Munich Germany
2021 SVS Collisions art residency, Canfranc, Spanish pyrenees.
2021 Polyphonic Museum online release.
2021 Body without organs, Sugar mountain, Munich Germany
2021 EXPERIMANCE Festival COSMICA BANDIDA Performance, Saarbrücken, Germany
2021 AMP WALL Monument confrontation performance with Kalas Liebfried, Munich Germany
2021 ENSEMS festival, 3 channel installation Palau de les Arts, Valencia, Spain
2020 COSMICA BANDIDA Performance, Akademiegalerie, Munich Germany
2020 The Sun will Come at Pandemic edition ADBK 2020
2020 Der Schmied von Gent, Ersan Mondtag, artistic collaborator Antwerp, Belgium


2019 AKASCOPE, release, Munich Germany
2019 AKVO inauguration, Gallery Foe, Munich, Germany
2019 Generation 19’ Studio Jorinde Voigt, Gallery week Berlin, Germany
2019 Space Nouvelle, Innsbruck, Austria
2019 Generation 19’ Academy of fine Arts Munich, yearly exhibition, Munich, Germany
2019 L’artiste devant sa toile,  Marburger Kunstverein, Marburg, Germany


2018 Das internat, Ersan Mondtag, artistic collaborator, Dortmund, Germany
2018 Big Awards, CAGE Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2018 Intertidal, Academy of fine Arts Munich, yearly exhibition, Munich, Germany


2017 ART LAB, Gallery Benjamin Eck, Munich, Germany
2017 STROKE Art Fair, Munich, Germany
2017 Malaga Art Fair, Malaga, Spain
2017 Kunst- und Textwerk, Lesecafé im Westend, Munich, Germany


2016 Imaginarios desarmados, Casal de Joves Palau Alós, Barcelona, Spain
2016 SUDAKART, Farbenladen, Munich, Germany
2016 Proyecto 30, Funza, Colombia


2015 Applaudissement, Arthaus Neuhausen Gallery, Munich, Germany
2015 Arte Caliente Fest, SO.CAL, Munich, Germany
2015 Atelier am Isator with Teresa Sakura, Munich, Germany


2014 The Night Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
2014 Cantando quiero decirte, El Sanatorio, Bogotá, Colombia


2012 Mensajes del Absoluto, Morafoto Studio, Bogotá, Colombia

2010 Pintura, Centro Carlos Rojas, UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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