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© Marco P. Valli

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11.11 SuperBOOKS Haus der Kunst, Munich

26.11 SPEISERAUM, Food for Thought

29.11 LAFITA, Munich (DJ set dvd bltz)

05.11 Taxi Salon, Import Export, Munich

16.10 Zimmer frei Hotel Mariandl, Munich

02.10 HYPERLOCAL Festival, Milan

27.09 Kunstarkaden

17.09 Dj Bike

21.07 Muffat Cafe SVS Collisions

14.07 Akademiegalerie - Solo show, Performance

06.07 Theatron Olympia Park

22.06 Akademie Sommerfest

16.06 Akkurat Festival - Import Export

29.05 Corps Matriarchal

26.03 Interweave Radio 80K Museum Brandhorst


10.02 Sentimental Disobedience, Historische Aula ADBK 19h

15.04 Buchheim Museum, The other side of the Moon, 18h

19.04 Unterdeck, Terra Magica Rec. Label night 20h

26.04 KURZ IM QUADRAT, Schillerstr. 38 (MUC)
12.05 NACHTS, Stadtmuseum (MUC)
19.05 BIKO, Milano (IT)
20.05 IMBARCHINO, Torino (IT)
25.05 TUM Garching + Dj set by Diogo (MUC)
24.06 Fraunhofertheater (MUC)


© Priscillia Grubo

COSMICA BANDIDA is a Colombian-German transdisciplinary art collective and band exploring the materiality of sound through installations, objects and performances.

In the music the artists duo combines analog synthesizers and space disco moods with rhythmical patterns inspired by the Colombian traditional cumbia, psychedelic Peruvian chicha, electronic beats and modular sounds.



Upcoming releases via Terra Magica Rec.

Munich based electronic label in 2023

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Manuela Illera and David Blitz both artists and music producers are preparing the construction of new sound devices and recording their first studio album influenced by Latin American cumbia, the Turkish and Egyptian psychedelic music from the seventies, the noise, the soundscapes, the synth-wave, and electronic music.

Manuela Illera: Keyboards, guitar, percussion, vocals.
David Blitz: Drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keyboards, recording, production.

COSMICA BANDIDA develops its projects with a holistic approach based on the contexts and political views of both artists.

Check the installation projects:

The Project started as an experimental playground debuting at the Akademiegalerie in Munich, the early works of the band are oriented to the atmospheric and ambient sounds, the creation of fields and layers, abstract compositions that eventually will drive the project to where is today, a mix of intensions coming from the research of traditional Colombian music, psychedelic Turkish and the contemporary explorations of ambient and electronic.

"Entran Bandidos Edits" is a compilation of this experimental explorations.

Early works and performances

COSMICA BANDIDA Live, Experimance Festival, Saarbrücken - Germany 07.2021


COSMICA BANDIDA Live Session - Part 1

In this improvised piece, COSMICA BANDIDA plays with fragments of Donna Haraway's voice in her well-known approaches to the cyborg. Machines and musical instruments are extensions of our body and mind, tools for human expression.


Sound Perfomance in three parts at Akademiegalerie 2020
Music: Manuela Illera, David Blitz
Camera, edition: Santiago Archila Salcedo

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