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COSMICA BANDIDA is a Colombian-German transdisciplinary art collective and band exploring the materiality of sound through installations, objects and performances.

In the music the artists duo combines analog synthesizers and space disco moods with rhythmical patterns inspired by the Colombian traditional cumbia, psychedelic Peruvian chicha, electronic beats and modular sounds.



Vinyl out now via Terra Magica Rec.

Munich based electronic label

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Cosmica Bandida's debut studio album "Lagrimas Saladas" is an amalgam of sounds influenced by the diverse backgrounds of the members, who find themselves in Munich a city where the leftovers of cosmic music and 70s disco meet cumbia and tropical vampirism. Dark cumbia and psychedelic music collide with the moods of space disco in an album that engages the body. The first two songs that open the record, "5K Caballo" and "Lágrimas Saladas" explore the textures of synthesizers and the atmospheres of Colombian public pools in incandescent villages, while "Pájaro del Desierto" paints desert landscapes influenced by Turkish and Egyptian psychedelic music. Closing the A-side with "Salsa Bandida" the band pays tribute to the basic and classic salsa rhythm in a Lo-fi reinterpretation with the Bogota fashion of cold and mountainous tropical music making.
The B-side and some of the digital remixes occasionally pays homage to the influential sounds from the 1990s era, think Rockers Hi-Fi, K&D, Nightmares On Wax, and Warp, but with a fresh and bold twist that brings a super fat sound to the entire release. Dropping this October 2023 for an endless summer 4eva exclusively on vinyl.

Manuela Illera: Keyboards, guitar, percussion, vocals.
David Blitz: Drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keyboards, recording, production.

El Cometa Sónico


Cosmica Bandida’s radio show El Cometa Sónico is a reunion of sounds that influence the band’s musical practice. The music selection made specially for radio listeners explores dark cumbia and psychedelic music that collides on Bavarian soil in this sonic comet full of music that engages the body. From the confines of Peruvian fuzzy punk to nostalgic reggaeton perreo llega El Cometa Sónico.


2023 Highlights

10.02  Sentimental Disobedience, Historische Aula ADBK 

15.04  Buchheim Museum, The other side of the Moon

19.04  Unterdeck, Terra Magica Rec. Label night 

12.05  NACHTS, Stadtmuseum (MUC)
19.05  BIKO, Milano (IT)
20.05  IMBARCHINO, Torino (IT)

29.07  KöşkAbrissFestspiele (MUC)

18.08  PHRE Festival, IMPORT EXPORT (MUC)

15.09  Tanztage Ingolstadt



16.12 Merry Mashup, Burghausen


2022 Highlights

11.11  SuperBOOKS Haus der Kunst, Munich
05.11  Taxi Salon, Import Export, Munich
02.10  HYPERLOCAL Festival, Milan
21.07  Muffat Cafe SVS Collisions
06.07  Theatron Olympia Park
16.06  Akkurat Festival - Import Export
29.05  Corps Matriarchal

26.03  Interweave Radio 80K Museum Brandhorst


02.03  Diametrale Film Festival - Innsbruck
09.03  Alte Spital - Viechtach
23.03  Sameheads Terra Magica Label night - Berlin
03.05  IMPORT EXPORT Terra Magica Label night - Munich
08.06  Actionella Festival - Munich

13.06  WORM - Rotterdam 
12.07  Kösk & Glocke, Haderner Stern - Munich
13.07  Ballonfabrik - Augsburg



The Project started as an experimental playground debuting at the Akademiegalerie in Munich, the early works of the band are oriented to the atmospheric and ambient sounds, the creation of fields and layers, abstract compositions that eventually will drive the project to where is today, a mix of intensions coming from the research of traditional Colombian music, psychedelic Turkish and the contemporary explorations of ambient and electronic.

"Entran Bandidos Edits" is a compilation of this experimental explorations.

COSMICA BANDIDA Live, Experimance Festival, Saarbrücken - Germany 07.2021


COSMICA BANDIDA Live Session - Part 1

In this improvised piece, COSMICA BANDIDA plays with fragments of Donna Haraway's voice in her well-known approaches to the cyborg. Machines and musical instruments are extensions of our body and mind, tools for human expression.


Sound Perfomance in three parts at Akademiegalerie 2020
Music: Manuela Illera, David Blitz
Camera, edition: Santiago Archila Salcedo

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