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COSMICA BANDIDA is a sound and music experimentation project that combines atmospheric and ambient compositions with modular synths and keyboards to develop a sound sometimes abstract and sometimes very musical and even pop-oriented. A project inspired by the Turkish and Egyptian psychedelic music from the seventies, Latin American cumbia, the noise, the soundscapes, the synth-wave, and world electronic music to converge in different types of approaches to the art of sound.


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Both, artists and producers, Manuela Illera and David Blitz have been working in the production of a music album with very present influences from Caribbean rhythms in conjunction with experimental sounds and intense use of synthesizers.  With a variety of setups, the project moves between digitally generated sounds and loops, but also live pianos, guitars, basses, analogue synths, percussion and drum kits to explore a wider view of musical and sound composition.


Manuela Illera: Keyboards, guitar, percussion, vocals.

David Blitz: Drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keyboards, recording, production.

Strassenbahn Salsa - COSMICA BANDIDA - Behind the scenes demo

Upcoming shows

COSMICA BANDIDA Live, Experimance Festival, Saarbrücken - Germany 07.2021

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The Project started as an experimental playground debuting at the Akademiegalerie in Munich, the early works of the band are oriented to the atmospheric and ambient sounds, the creation of fields and layers, abstract compositions that eventually will drive the project to where is today, a mix of intensions coming from the research of traditional Colombian music, psychedelic Turkish and the contemporary explorations of ambient and electronic.

"Entran Bandidos Edits" is a compilation of this experimental explorations.

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Sound performance setup at Akademiegalerie, Munich 2020

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COSMICA BANDIDA Live Session - Part 1

In this improvised piece, COSMICA BANDIDA plays with fragments of Donna Haraway's voice in her well-known approaches to the cyborg.

Machines and musical instruments are extensions of our body and mind, tools for human expression.


Sound Perfomance in three parts at Akademiegalerie 2020
Music: Manuela Illera, David Blitz
Camera, edition: Santiago Archila Salcedo

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Manuela Illera

Bogotá, Colombia 1988

As an interdisciplinary artist and musician her approach explores different techniques and media to develop her artistic practice both individually and collectively. Recent works involve the construction of musical instruments for installations and the formation of several bands and sound projects, designing various sound pieces for films and performances.


She currently produces and directs EXTRAVAGANT MORTALS, a podcast about art, culture, social sciences and feminism that explores and experiments with soundscapes, atmospheres and music.

Sound, voice and body are crucial elements in Illera's artistic practice.






Mother Ocarina



David Blitz
Cologne, Germany, 1974
As an experimental sound artist, musician and instrument builder, he is always in search of new ways to combine various analogue and (if need be) digital machines with organic materials to create performance and installation works.
His sound installations and performances create a surreal world with various layers and textures both sonic and materialistic.
2020 founded the record label Akascope and issued the first edition of Vinyl records for AdbK München.
Currently works as assistant to Julian Rosefeldt at Akademie der Bildenden Kunst München.

Creature Resonance Super8 film, 2018, 4 Channel sound



Naked Walkman with tape loop


2020 Third Rave


Void 3