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Short film Title: Animal Ventus

(30" 16:9 Full HD, Stereo 2022)

ANIMAL VENTUS is a short film, and also a 30" conceptual music album for children (and adults) composed and conceptualised by León Rivera (8) and Manuela Illera. It is a primal journey into inner thoughts about the body and its animality, dance, vulnerability, shame, anger and empowerment. ANIMAL VENTUS reveals with tenderness and subtlety the thoughts and reflections on masculinity of an 8-year-old migrant kid who builds his identity on the other side of the ocean.


Starring: León Rivera; Make-up and costumes: Valentina Romero; Music and Sound: León Rivera and COSMICA BANDIDA

Presented at:

- Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin - Lassitude Goethe Institut Paris

- Pulsschläge - Latidos at LAFITA Lateinamerikanische Filmtage München HP8 Munich

- Sentimental Disobedience - Diploma show Academy of Fine Arts, Munich

- La Surera - Valencia

- Debütant:innen Ausstellung AdBK - Halle 6

- Schöne Welt, wo bist du? - Bayerischen Akademie der Schönen Künste - Bamberg


2024 - DG Kunstraum Diskurs Gegenwart

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